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Milk Carton Mania
Milk Carton Mania is just one of eight books in the "Mania Craft" series of books, published by Children's Press, 2002. The book contains 12 easy-to-do craft projects using cardboard drink containers, such as milk cartons or juice cartons. Make a set of building blocks, build a castle, or create a space shuttle. The crafts in the book are shown using 1/2-gallon-sized milk cartons, but the size of the finished projects can be adjusted by using larger or smaller drink containers.

The hardback edition of
Milk Carton Mania is available at for $23.50.
Paper Plate Mania
Paper Plate Mania, another book in the "Mania Craft" series, gives directions for a dozen easy and fun craft projects, using ordinary paper plates. Make a snake, a butterfly, or an owl. All of the projets shown in the book were made using regular-sized, white paper plates. Customize your creations by using different sizes or colors of plates. Some of the designs can be made using foam plates, as well.

The paperback version of
Paper Plate Mania can be purchased at for $6.95.
Paper Cup Mania
Paper Cup Mania, part of the "Mania Craft" books, contains 12 easy-to-make projects using paper cups. Make your own kaleidoscope, robot, or action figures following the directions in the book. Paper cups are available in many colors and sizes. All the projects in the book were made using paper cups, but some of them can be made using foam or paper cups.

The paperback edition of
Paper Cup Mania is available from for $6.95.
Cardboard Tube Mania
Cardboard Tube Mania, a book in the "Craft Mania" series, gives quick and easy directions for 12 fun-filled projects. Create your own rain stick, design a haunted house, or make a bunch of bugs. Save your empty cardboard tubes from rolls of paper towel, wrapping paper and toilet tissue to make all the projects listed in the book.

The paperback version of
Cardboard Tube Mania can be purchased from for $6.95.
Egg Carton Mania
Egg Carton Mania, part of the "Mania Craft" books series, has directions for 12 easy-to-make crafts using empty egg cartons. Make your own double-decker bus, super sailboat, or silly snowman. Save your empty egg cartons (and have your friends save theirs, too!) so you can make all the projects in the book. Most of the projects in the book were made using carboard egg cartons, but some of them can be made with foam egg cartons.

The paperback version of
Egg Carton Mania is available from for $6.95.
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