Stuff for Writers
The following links will take you to various websites for writing. These include e-zines, online writing classes,  editing services, personal webpages, and other places where you gather information about writing. These are presented in alphabetical order.
* - This website gives you access to the full text of the book, The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr., an invaluable resource for any writer.
* - As the name implies, this is a "virtual" coffee house, packed full of informaiton for writers
* - This is the webpage for The Business of Writing, an ezine full of information about writing for a living.
* - a personal webpage of Erica Jong that includes a list of helpful tips for writers.
* - ezine for writers.
* - an ezine for professional writers.
* - the webiste for ezine Writers: The Internet Writing Journal, that contains articles about writing for the Internet.
* - This website contains an article called "How to Write Short Stories".
* - the webpage for The Literary Times, with articles about writing and profiles of successful writers.
* - online writing classes
* - This is the online version of an established writing magazine called Writer's Journal.
* - online writing courses offered by Writer's Digest.
* - online ezine dedicated to helping writers make money.